They are often misunderstood creative geniuses who have been sidelined by their predisposition to addiction. My intent in interviewing podcast guests is to be open-minded, honest, and willing to listen and learn about what my guest has to say. In one episode, my guest and I discuss the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and the spiritual component of the recovery process.

recovery podcasts

The Addicted Mind Podcast is about understanding addiction, its impact, and the latest treatment options available. This podcast aims to create an environment of compassion for individuals caught in the destructive grip of the addictive process. It works to deliver real hope to people who are suffering from addiction’s painful impact. The podcast dives into what drives the addictive process explore the latest research on addiction and talks about the latest addiction treatment options. This podcast posts recordings of motivational speakers and workshops from Alcoholics Anonymous events.

Alcohol Recovery Podcast – The ODAAT Chat Podcast

By choosing forgiveness, we give ourselves the gift of inner freedom and begin to create miracles. Kris shares her best practices to forgive those in our lives who have wronged us – which in turn, allows us to heal and grow in ways we may never have dreamed possible. Listen in, and learn how you can access the wisdom of these timeless teachings through Kristine Carlson’s Happiness Training Course. This course is designed to address the demands of today’s busy, technology-driven lifestyles.

recovery podcasts

Co-hosts Liv and Tiffany want to empower people to reclaim their identities and be proud of how they identify, the recovery they choose and their wellness goals. The Breaking Free podcast empowers listeners to reclaim their identity, their process of recovery and their wellness, so they can live a more fulfilled, free, and self-directed life. The podcast dives into what drives the addictive process, explores the latest research on addiction and talks about the latest addiction treatment options. Recovery does not end with sobriety or even rehab, so it’s important to take advantage of resources that can help you maintain a substance-free future.

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Meeting with other like-minded people is an excellent way to stay clean and find support. You may find that an hour-long support meeting, filled with recovery stories, helps to motivate you and gives you a sense of safety from your addiction. However, after you leave the meeting, the cravings and negative thoughts can return. Your goal is to stay clean of drugs and alcohol so your mind, body, and spirit can recover.

  • Less than a year later, he started That Sober Guy Podcast as a way to allow others to share their experiences and bring light to a topic that so many find difficult to talk about.
  • The podcast industry today covers a huge range of niches and one of them is, of course, addiction recovery.
  • Hosted by Veronica Valli and Chip Somers, The Soberful podcast is all about mindset shifts to help you commit to sustainable sobriety and live life to the fullest.
  • The help he received during this tough period was a defining moment in his life.
  • She is so kind and understanding of the struggle, while giving hope that it’s not just possible, but worth it to find lasting recovery.
  • Last but not least, it’s sometimes good to use a light touch when discussing addiction.

Through lively discussions — based on lived experiences, research, and experts in the field — they unpack the ways recovery has been limited. Their mission is for you to be empowered to find your recovery, your way. Conversations cover sugar addiction, establishing boundaries, sober sex, and more. Host Duane Osterlind has been in the recovery space since age 17. He’s a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex addiction therapist who hopes to help folks in recovery by speaking his truth on this very show.

Sober Mofos Podcast

Ever wanted to participate in a virtual book club with your two smartest friends? Well, that’s what listening to Zero Proof Book Club, hosted by writers Shelley Mann Hite and Jackie Mantey, is basically like. We can’t end this list without mentioning the Home Podcast, co-founded by Tempest founder Holly Whitaker, and Laura McKowen, who now hosts the Spiritualish podcast.

My misconceptions came from the fact that I had little to no experience with sober people, so I relied heavily on tired tropes portrayed in film and TV. If I heard podcasts like these from people living proud, out loud, sober lives, maybe I would have stopped drinking sooner. So, my goal, as a podcaster in the field of addiction treatment and recovery, is to have conversations with experts in the field, and people who have thought deeply about these subjects. I want to help myself and others to see the problems of addiction treatment from different perspectives.

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In other countries, there has been a more pragmatic approach to harm reduction. From medical heroin to biometric drug dispensing machines, to supervised consumption sites, they are finding success in getting more people safely into recovery. Harm reduction, or the approach of meeting an addicted person where they are at right now in order to protect their health and safety, is not always well-received in the US. Harm reduction, when it comes to alcohol treatment may involve helping someone to cut back on heavy drinking and binge drinking. Most importantly, we must accept that alcohol is a drug like any other drug. Many people have control over their alcohol consumption, but for many others, alcohol addiction is a serious issue.

  • In fact, since a significant portion of my practice focuses on medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction, I did start out with the intent of this program being a Suboxone podcast.
  • The companion blog at posts information about the latest addiction recovery research.
  • The lessons and actionable steps from each episode are like gems of wisdom that have helped me momentously as I navigate the process of recovery.
  • She writes the blog UnPickled from her home in Alberta, Canada.

Each week, host Jean McCarthy holds space for a guest to tell their truth, and together they explore topics relative to recovery. Now in its seventh season, The Bubble Hour has hundreds of archived episodes as a resource for those seeking sobriety-related content. This podcast invites our three hosts, Kirsten, Ricky and Adam, to share about their experiences in long-term recovery. Each week, they create the space to tell their truth and explore new topics related to recovery, mental health, politics, and much more.

Want to listen to a super-relatable podcast on sobriety and recovery? Another great buddy podcast on our list is the EDIT podcast hosted by Aidan Donnelley Rowley and Jolene Park. In this podcast, the two friends aim to talk about why they made an “Early Exit” from the drinking life as well as what it means when you live inside of the gray area of drinking. Some of the episodes discuss alcohol withdrawals, the link between drinking and binge eating, how to deal with loneliness and so much more. Jes Valentine and Kate Zander are two friends who gave up drinking and started a podcast. This fairly new venture was started because they were sick of going to a bar and watching their friends get drunk.

While I have no intention of starting a dedicated nicotine podcast, I do intend to talk a lot more about this important subject. If I were to decide to start a separate alcohol podcast, focusing primarily on the challenges of achieving sobriety, it would still be essentially an addiction podcast. My opinions on programs How To Flush Alcohol Out Of Your System Fast?- Abbeycare such as alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous are irrelevant. We all have opinions, and, hopefully, our understanding grows over time by being open-minded and listening to what others have to say. Listen to Sober Life Radio for insight into addiction, recovery and living a clean & sober lifestyle.

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